General Information

The 2020-2021 Connecticut Envirothon will be completely virtual! Both the State and National Annual programs will be held virtually this year due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic.

Station Test Format

We will have four tests for each of the usual field stations via our Google Classroom. Each test will be posted on the Google Classroom for a 48-hour time period. Within these 48 hours, teams will be responsible for coordinating a one-hour time block with their team to complete that test.  This schedule allows for more flexibility when finding a one-hour time block to complete the test.

The following is the schedule for the tests:

  • Monday May 17th to Tuesday May 18th – Soil Station Test 1
  • Wednesday May 19th to Thursday May 20th – Forestry Station Test 2
  • Monday May 24th to Tuesday May 25th – Wildlife Station Test 3
  • Wednesday May 26th to Thursday May 27th – Aquatics Station Test 4

The use of outside information during the test is prohibited, this includes the study materials posted to the CT Envirothon website. Any information/material that can be used will be located within the Google Classroom. See the honors pledge in the classroom, and located at the beginning of each test for more specifics. A mock test will be posted in the google classroom to ensure that teams have gained access and to become familiar with the test format and attachments.

Each team will receive their own google email account created by CT Envirothon, with the recovery email being CT Envirothon’s as well. Please do not change the password without notifying us first. Additionally, the privacy settings for each account are the standard and should not be changed without guidance from CT Envirothon. We anticipate each team allowing one person to sign into the google account, log into the classroom, which they have already been registered into, and take the test while sharing their screen via a video sharing app of the team’s discretion. If possible, we do encourage an advisor to be present at the time taking the test via video as well.

Current Issue Presentation

The 2020-2021 Current Issue:  Water Resource Awareness, Connections, and Impacts

Instead of the usual oral presentation, we are challenging teams to create a PowerPoint or Google Slide presentation based on the released current issue scenario. There is not an oral or video component to these presentations and they should be submitted as a pdf file to for grading. The submission deadline is Sunday May 16th at 11:59PM, however, teams are strongly encouraged to submit before the deadline. Presentations will be graded anonymously by a panel of judges and the top three scores will be declared. Please see for more details.


Final results should be announced the first week of June, followed by a press release and awards.


Connecticut’s 2021 Champion team will attend the National NCF-Envirothon virtual competition, to be held over several days beginning Monday, July 26, 2021. The team that moves on to the National competition must include 5 members from the original team which participated in the CT Envirothon 2021 Virtual Competition.

Thank you for your continued interest and work in the Envirothon program. If you have any questions, please email

PDF of this information.

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