April 2021 Workshop Series

April Workshop Week: April 5th-8th

Monday 4/5: Soils – HANDS ON Webinar @ 4-5pm
Soil Key Points 1 and 3: Redoximorphic features and Virtual Soil Texturing demonstration
**Please note that this is a hands-on virtual workshop, the soil kits that were distributed will be used in this workshop.**
Link to presentation: https://youtu.be/AWVOHLypgjU

Tuesday 4/6: Forestry – Material Release on Website @ 4pm
Study Materials: Sustainable Forest Management and Intermediate Treatments – Wisconsin
Prepared by: Station Leader, Lynn Kochiss

Wednesday 4/7: Wildlife – Webinar @ 4-5pm
Topic: Connecticut Wildlife Fun Facts and Interactive Quiz 
Presenter: Wildlife Biologist Peter Picone 
Join wildlife biologist Peter Picone in learning fun facts about Connecticut’s wildlife. This will help your team prepare for the Connecticut Envirothon wildlife test.
Link to presentation: https://youtu.be/TO6FcDMC5uY

Thursday 4/8: Aquatics – Webinar @ 4-5pm
Topic: Mapping to Analyze Land Use Impacts on Water
Presenter: Laura Cisneros
During this workshop, we will briefly learn about “non-point” water pollution and will be using free web mapping tools, WikiWatershed Toolkit, to explore how different land uses impact water quality and quantity in a watershed. We will finish the workshop by learning about Low Impact Development (LID) and using WikiWatershed to explore how giving your school a “LID makeover”  can impact water quality and quantity in your school’s watershed. Click here for the: WikiWatershed Activity Handout
Link to presentation: COMING SOON

This is Connecticut Envirothon’s LAST monthly workshop series! Thank you to all of our participants and presenters that have made this possible. Most of our webinar recordings can be found on our YouTube channel (each station has a playlist with the related workshops). Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to the May Competition! 🙂

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