January 2021 Workshop Series

Monday 1/11: Soils – Webinar @ 4-5pm   
Soil Key Point 5: Map Reading and Soil Survey Lesson
Topographic maps [30 minutes]: Elements of a Topographic Map, How to Read a Topographic Map Video        
– Exercise 1
Break [5 minutes]   
– Web Soil Survey and SoilWeb [25 minutes]: Understanding Soil Survey Data, Navigating Web Soil Survey
– Exercise 2 – throughout the presentation

Materials for zoom workshop:
Map Exercise 2021
Map Exercise Key
Web Soil Survey Exercise
Web Soil Survey Key

Link to presentation recording: https://youtu.be/N8qoR6wOZ-Q

To continue your self-studying, we developed a set of new topographic map and web soil survey exercises that are now available on the Envirothon Website.

Tuesday 1/12: Forestry – Material Release on website @ 4pm
Study Materials: Forest History Overview
By Station Leader: Lynn Kochiss

Wednesday 1/13: Wildlife – Webinar @ 4-5pm
Introduction to the Amphibians of Connecticut
Presenter: Dennis Quinn, Herpetologist 
This talk is an introduction to the amphibians of Connecticut.  You will learn about Connecticut’s diverse assemblage of frogs and salamanders and how to identify them.  We will review the wetland and terrestrial habitats these species depend on for survival, what amphibians tell us about ecosystem health and how to meet the conservation challenges they face in Connecticut’s ever developing landscape through applied mitigation/management strategies. 
Link to presentation recording: https://youtu.be/6Pe-oFjlEeM

Thursday 1/14: Aquatics – Webinar @ 4-5pm
Invasive aquatic plant identification AND discovering/mapping vast areas of invasive hydrilla in the Connecticut River 
Presenters: Greg Buggee and Summer Stebbins from the CT Agricultural Experiment Station
Connecticut Aquatic Invasive Plant ID Guide
Link to presentation recording: https://youtu.be/tz89TbtOba4

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