History of Envirothon

The Envirothon concept began in Pennsylvania in 1979 as an outgrowth of a vocational agricultural land judging contest. Conservation Districts felt there was a need for a statewide environmental program highlighting different disciplines within the natural resource field. By the mid-eighties, New York, Ohio, Massachusetts, and Maine had their own state Envirothon programs, and interest was spreading to other states. In 1988, the first National Envirothon was held in Pennsylvania with five states participating. By 2000, over 40 states and several Canadian Provinces were participating in the National Envirothon.

In 1991, Connecticut sent a team by special invitation to the national competition in Maine. The next year, Connecticut held its first statewide competition with 15 schools participating. Forty-six schools from all corners of the state participated in the Connecticut program in 2000, with the number of schools expected to grow each year.Envirothon attracts public and private, urban and rural high schools. To learn about past Connecticut Envirothons click here. To visit the National Envirothon website click here.

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