T-Shirt Design Contest

Envirothon T-Shirt Design Competition 


This year we will give participants in the 2023-2024 CT Envirothon the opportunity to submit designs for this year’s T-Shirts.  

Submitted designs must meet the following parameters:

  • Shirt Front:  Must incorporate the words “Connecticut Envirothon” into the design. Either: Left breast 3” x 3” Max or   Large front 9” x 9” Max
  • Shirt Back:  Must incorporate the words “The Natural Challenge” into the design. 9” x 9” Max
  • Do not include a date in any of the text.
  • Submissions should be photo ready drawings or digital (JPEG preferred).  The image must be completely finished with no “sketch lines”.  If shading is included you must provide a line drawing without shading as well as a shaded image. 
  • Designs relating to the 2023 Current Issue, Climate Change, are encouraged! 

To see previous designs or to download our CT Envirothon logo, please follow these links: 

Deadline for submission is TBD

Selection of the winner will be made by the State Envirothon Steering Committee.

Questions and submissions can be directed to the CT Envirothon Program Coordinator at ctenvirothon@gmail.com


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