February 2021 Workshop Series

Monday 2/1: Soils – Webinar @ 4-5pm

Soil Key Point 2: Soil Ecosystems and Key Point 4: Soil Conservation and Land Use Management
Topics include: Earth as an Apple demo, The Science of Soil Health: Dynamic Soil Properties, Milton’s rainfall simulator video, Soil biology presentation.
Link to presentation recording: https://youtu.be/UOw7DNuID44

Tuesday 2/2: Forestry – Material Release on website @ 4pm
Study Materials: Introduction to Forest Ecology
By: Station Leader, Lynn Kochiss

Wednesday 2/3: Wildlife – Webinar @ 4-5pm
Managing invasive non-natives and improving wildlife habitat using principles and practices of applied science. Presented by Peter Picone, CT DEEP Wildlife Biologist 
Link to presentation recording: https://youtu.be/KpGBSiLRF-4

Thursday 2/4: Aquatics – Webinar @ 4-5pm
Aquatic Ecology presented by Matt Goclowski (CT DEEP Fisheries) and Climate Change Impact on New England Lakes and Reservoirs presented by Ben Burpee (Ecosystem Consulting Services).
Link to Aquatic Ecology presentation recording: https://youtu.be/awxh7Qmxf3g
Link to Climate Change Impact on New England Lakes and Reservoirs presentation recording: https://youtu.be/marjsLUGCK0

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