Steering Committee

Envirothon is a great way to learn about careers in the environment/natural resources field! Feel free to ask questions to any of our steering committee members who provide the trainings and grade the station tests.

First NameLast NameOrganization Affiliation
JaneSeymourEnvirothon 2020-21 Chair
Wildlife Biologist, DEEP Wildlife
JeanLaughmanEnvirothon 2020-21 Vice Chair
Retired Teacher/Envirothon Advisor
KarenNelsonEnvirothon 2020-21 Secretary
Program Admin, Northwest Conservation District
MindyGosselinEnvirothon Program Coordinator
Natural Resource Scientist – North Central Conservation District
ChrisSullivanEnvirothon National Representative
Director, Southwest Conservation District
PamHuntleyEnvirothon 2020-21 Treasurer
Retired Forest Service
KelseySudolEnvirothon Aquatics Station Leader
Environmental Associate, Northwest Conservation District
LynnKochissEnvirothon Forestry Station Leader
DebbieSurabianEnvirothon Soil Station Leader
State Soil Scientitst, USDA-NRCS
JacobIsleibEnvirothon Soil Station Leader
Resource Soil Scientist, USDA-NRCS
PeterPiconeEnvirothon Wildlife Station Leader
Wildlife Biologist, CT DEEP
KristenPonakEnvirothon WebMaster
LisaKrallRetired Soil Specialist, USDA-NRCS
AdamMaikshiloSoil Conservationist, USDA-NRCS
AnnHadleyProfessor, Manchester Community College
BarbaraKellyNorth Central Conservation District
JeffFolgerEnvironmental Planner
CynthiaRabinowitzDirector, Northwest Conservation District
DeniseSavageauEnvironmental Consultant
EdSmithMaster Naturalist Trainer, Goodwin Conservation Center
FredJohnsonGEI Consultants
GregWatkinsYale Peabody Museum
JeanPilloWatershed Coordinator, Eastern Conservation District
JoannaShapiroDirector, North Central Conservation District
LauraRogers-CastroNatural Resource Educator, CT DEEP Wildlife
PaulBenjunasCT DEEP
SandyWeissOffice Admin, River Coastal Conservation District
SarahSmithRetired Teacher/Envirothon Advisor
TonyMitchellRivers Alliance

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