Aquatics Station


Station Leader: Kelsey Sudol





Water and water resources affect every facet of our lives, from business to pleasure to actual survival. The protection of our water resources, both quantity and quality, is vitally important to properly protect these resources, we must first understand them and the factors that impact them.

Please visit NCF-Envirothon’s Website on Key Aquatics Points:


Please visit the Aquatics You-Tube Channel Playlist 


CT Envirothon Aquatics Station Objectives 

Aquatics Learning Objectives (PDF) fish


Previous Exams

2015 Aquatics_Exam_(PDF)

2014 Aquatics_exam_(PDF)

2013_Aquatics_Exam (PDF)

2012_Aquatics Exam_ (PDF)

2011_Aquatics_Exam (PDF)

2010_Aquatics Exam_(PDF)

Past Workshops

2020 Workshop

2018 Workshop

2017 Workshop Materials

2016 Workshop Materials



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