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Station Leaders: Kelsey Sudol & Melissa Mostowy





Water and water resources affect every facet of our lives, from business to pleasure to actual survival. The protection of our water resources, both quantity and quality, is vitally important to properly protect these resources, we must first understand them and the factors that impact them.

Please visit NCF-Envirothon’s Website on Key Aquatics Points:


Please visit the Aquatics You-Tube Channel Playlist 


CT Envirothon Aquatics Station Objectives 

Aquatics Learning Objectives (PDF) fish


2023 Aquatics Station Study Guide

As we gear up for the 2023 competition, the aquatics committee wanted to call out the specific material that the test will be based on. Like in previous years, there will be a practical half and an objective half of the test.

  1. The aquatics specific videos on the CT Envirothon YouTube Channel:
    1. Chloride Pollution in Surface Waters: 
    2. Meet the Macros: 
    3. Functional Feeding Groups and the River Continuum Concept: 
    4. Introduction to Stream Ecology: 
    5. Introduction to Groundwater: 
    6. Climate Change Impacts on New England Lakes: 
    7. LWTF Virtual Tour: 
      1. Part 1 Introduction: 
      2. Part 2 Zooplankton Farm: 
      3. Part 3 Brown Trout Stocking: 
      4. Part 4 Lake Sampling: 
    8. Invasive Aquatic Plants in Connecticut: 
    9. Wetlands Introduction (Part 1): 
    10. Defining Wetlands in Connecticut (Wetlands Part 2): 
    11. Introduction to Water Sampling: 
  2. Information presented at the Fall 2022 Aquatics workshop, which is also all referenced in the videos above (Macroinvertebrate videos and Introduction to Groundwater video). 
  3. The Spring 2023 Goose Chase Questions which are linked here
  4. The back tests, which have been updated below through 2021.
  5. The identification keys indicated below will be the ones provided during the exam:
    1. Fish
    2. Frogs
    3. Invasive Plants
    4. Macroinvertebrates
    5. Salamanders
    6. Saltwater Invertebrates

If you have any specific concerns, please email Otherwise – good luck with your final preparations!


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Past Workshops

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