Oral Presentation

The 2021 “Oral Presentation” Scenario is now available!

2020-2021 Issue:  Water Resource Awareness, Connections and Impacts
  • Overview Document
  • 2021 Rubric
  • 2021 Scenario
    • Scenario Map
    • Results Tables
    • Additional Maps
      • Soil Map (Pages 1-4): This includes the actual soil map, legend, and map unit descriptions
      • Surficial Geology Map (Pages 4-5): This includes the CT surficial geology map and a site specific map with a legend
      • Bedrock Geology Map (pages 6-7): This includes the CT bedrock geology map and a site specific map with a legendThe surficial and bedrock geology map pages also include a link that students can follow if they want to find the map from a larger image and zoom into the site themselves. If so, we advise that they look around the Somerville area (northern part of the state).The purpose of these resources is similar to what is reviewed by environmental consultants during an environmental site assessment.
  • Resources can be found here.

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2020 Scenario goes virtual


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