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One of our most important natural resources is soil. Students and teachers interested in environmental issues often overlook this resource. Professional conservationists, however, recognize the importance of soil in natural resource management and the interrelationships between soil, water, and other resources. Soil provides a growth medium for all plant life on our planet, including food and energy resources. Soil also provides habitat, filters water, and is used in constructing buildings.

2018 Soil Workshop Presentations

Soil Forming Factors and Processes– By Jacob Isleib USDA Soil Scientist

Introduction Materials

2017 Important Information  (PDF)

Introduction to Soils (2016 Workshop Presentation) (PDF)

 2016 Soil Science 101 (PDF)

CT Envirothon Current Issue Topic- Agricultural Soil and Water Conservation Stewardship (PDF)

 Soils  Study Objectives (PDF)

Envirothon Soil Manual (PDF)

 Soil Parent Material-CT (PDF)

Link to NRCS Web Soil Survey

 Urban Soil Primer (PDF)

Past Exams

 Soils Exam 2012 (PDF)

 Soils Exam 2009 (PDF)

 Soils Exam 2007 (PDF)

A few years ago, a soils workshop was held in Old Lyme. The following material was given to students at that workshop. Although this material is not essential study material you may find it very helpful.
The Mock Envirothon test consists of questions from real Envirothon state competitions. The Old Lyme Custom Soil Resource Report is to be used during the mock Envirothon test.

Mock Soils Exam (PDF)

Old_Lyme_Soil_Report (PDF)

Essential Material

Soil Health Factsheets

 UCONN_Web Soil Survey Report (PDF)

Soil Quality Information Sheets

Soil Biology Primer


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