Current Issue

Content Leader: Jane Seymour (CT DEEP Wildlife)  Email:

The 2018 Current Issue is: Rangeland 

Current Issue Learning Objectives  (From NCF Envirothon)

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Current Issue CT Focus Resources:


HorsebarnHillText (PDF)  Presentation by Jack Clausen

Wildlife Habitats A History of change for CT (PDF) Note: Use arrow keys to advance pages like a slide show.

Grazing_Management_and_Soil_Health (PDF)

Rangelands – Envirothon October 2017 Workshop  (PDF)

Bobolink (PDF)

Grassland Species (PDF)



Grassland   (especially Grassland Conservation) Research study comparing nest success with different grazing practices.

Other Early Successional Habitat (Managing Grasslands, Shrubland and Young forest)


Threatened and Endangered

Hay/Pasture  (Pasture and Hayland Management)