fishStation Leader: Kelsey Sudol


Aquatics Station

Water and water resources affect every facet of our lives, from business to pleasure to actual survival. The protection of our water resources, both quantity and quality, is vitally important to properly protect these resources, we must first understand them and the factors that impact them.

Please visit NCF-Envirothon’s Website on Key Aquatics Points:

Aquatics Learning Objectives (PDF)

Previous Exams

2015 Aquatics_Exam_(PDF)

2014 Aquatics_exam_(PDF)

2013_Aquatics_Exam (PDF)

2012_Aquatics Exam_ (PDF)

2011_Aquatics_Exam (PDF)

2010_Aquatics Exam_(PDF)

Invasive Management Plans

2020 Workshop

WikiWatershed Presentation

WikiWatershed Handout

2018 Workshop

2017 Workshop Materials

2016 Workshop Materials

  • Jeopardy (PPT)
  • Double Jeopardy! (PPT)  * Note: make sure to have the first slide selected and go into slide show, then click any point value to go to that question, then click the blue box for the answer, then click the blue box again to return to the main slide.
  • Wetlands– By Juliana Barrett, CT Sea Grant, University of Connecticut

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